Online Learning for Starters, Movers and Flyers

It is a proven fact that 90% of a childs brain develops in the primary school. According to an article by BBC , only 10% of India’s populationd speaks fluent english. In an era of growing technology and comerce, India is well on its way to becoming an economic power, but in terms of communication, we still have quite a grammar to cover. We all believe today’s children are tommorow’s pioneers, so isn’t it our responsibility to leave our future generations equipped with the tools they need to make this world a better place? Teaching the English language early on in life during primary school forms a base on which the child can futher build and sharpen his/her skills. Strong foundations help reach great hights. These strong roots built in the initial years help children adapt to and excel in the language skills.

Benefits of Learn English online courses and Cambridge English assessments

1.     The courses are designed to prepare candidate for Cambridge English qualifications and certifications

2.     The course and tests focus on learning English language as a skill rather than a subject

3.     All teachers are trained and certified prior to delivering online student classes

4.     All 4 skills of English language are covered – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

5.     Pre assessment to determine existing language fluency level

6.     Learning an internationally recognized program from the comfort of your home

7.     Special discounted price for assessment and certification if training is taken online

8.     A choice of 3 test dates across multiple cities

9.     3 month subscription of ELSA mobile APP included in the offer price

Improve language efficiency of your children