Research and Validation

As leaders in the field of language assessment, all our exams are specifically designed to be fair to all test takers, whatever their age, gender, nationality, first language, culture or ethnic background. Quality and fairness are at the centre of everything we do:

  • Validity – the extent to which exam marks can be considered a true reflection of underlying ability.
  • Reliability – the extent to which test results are consistent, accurate and therefore dependable.
  • Impact – the positive effect of a test on candidates and other users, including society as a whole.
  • Practicality – the extent to which a test is workable in terms of the resources needed.
  • Quality – this means validity, reliability, impact and practicality.

To be certain of both quality and fairness, we have to accurately measure how our tests perform and compare them with the latest thinking in language assessment. Both of these require extensive research.

Quality is rigorously monitored across all aspects of the exam process, and our Research and Validation Group works closely with the Assessment and Operations Group on test development, construction, administration, assessment and results processing, and exam review and evaluation.