Testimonials from Heads of institutions

Cambridge English exams have been a shot in the arm for the students of BIT, who aspire to get placed in highly reputed organisations. While the certificate from Cambridge commands its own respect among all the leading corporates, the process of preparation and appearing in the examination gives confidence to the candidates while communicating in English. 
Dr. SV Balasubramaniam
Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu

The impact of Cambridge English examinations on our institution has been profound. The students have improved remarkably in their communication skills and are more confident at their placement interviews. It has been a real learning experience for both the faculty as well as the students. 
Sri. K.V. Vishnu Raju
BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering for Women, Telangana

The Cambridge English BEC exam has facilitated to build the confidence and overall development of the students. The content gives practical insights to the students by heloing them to comprehend workplace communication in a better way. There are lot of corporates who recognise BEC and prefer to hire candidates with BEC certification. Hence, the course has improved the job prospects for the students.The transition of students from campus to corporate has become smooth as they understand the workplace culture and business etiquettes after going through BEC.
Dr. R.A. Shinde
Secretary and Management Trustee
Chhatrapati Shahu Institute of Business Education and Research, Kolhapur

The Cambridge English BEC exam has improved the communication skills of the students and has also enhanced the employability and job prospects of students as copanies across the world hve adopted English as their languiage for business. Cambridge English exams have facilitated our students in gaining good knowledge of English for practical, everyday use in business and have also helped our students in identifying areas for improvement to make themselves ready for roles that demand interaction with international stakeholders. The exams have contributed immensely towards making the students future-ready and have also helped the institute in creating its place in the education map of India.
Dr.Manju Nair
International School of Informatics and Management, Jaipur

Cambridge English exams were intially offered as a non-academic option. We continued offering the course for two academic years and found it was productive since students started performing well while communicating in English. After seeing the performance of these students in the placement interview, we were convinced and hece started offering the Cambridge exams at various CEFR levels. Students do well in the various areas as they go through Cambrige BEC module on a regular basis in a systematic way as part of their course curriculum. They are able to communicate well in everyday context and succeed in their placement interviews. They also improve in their interpersonal communications amongst themselves. BEC helped the students from the regional medium, who had difficulty in communication. Based on alumni feedback, we understand that they prosper in their profession since most of them land up with jobs at large organisations.
Dr. R. Elijah Blessing
Karunya University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Cambridge English examinations have laid a concrete foundation to strengthen the LSWR skills among the students. These examinations have also been vital in cultivating the employability skills of the students. The course has assisted the students to even attain positions with reasonable packages in corporate organisations. Possession of Business English Certificate fetched appreciation for the students from the MNC officials at the time of interviews. 
Muthayammal College of Arts and Science, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

The Cambridge English exams have helped our students to become more proficient in the English language. Also, these exams have assisted our students in getting jobs in multinational companies. Communication skills are key to success in today's world. The BEC Cambridge English exam aids our studnets in acquiriing the language skills needed for employment.
Dr. Umeshkumar Murlidhar Bagal
Dnyandeep College of Science & Commerce, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Cambridge English has assisted us in attaining academic excellence through rigorous teaching methods and has helped the institute to attract large number of corporate companies. The BEC Certification has helped our students in attiaining placements at top multinational companies.
Dr. T . Rengaraja
R.M.K. College of Engineering and Technology, Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu

Student Testimonials

Doing BEC Higher was a very enriching experience. It really helped me plan my MBA sessions in a better way than I used to do earlier. The students find Business English interesting and stimulating as it caters to their immediate needs. The syllabus is well-designed and well-executed. It certainly helps students hone their skills in the use of the English language and sensitizing them to the needs of work place.
Ms Leena Jadhav
Indira College of English

The lack of effective communication skills has been the ruin of many relationships, personal and business. Being in a corporate world, Communication plays a vital role. BEC has boosted my level in all categories of communication and build tons of self-confidence.
Jagadish Babu
Civil Engineer

BEC Exam has a standard of its own. BEC teaches you to listen carefully, understand, read, write and speak the Business English language. You start thinking aloud; learn lots of new terminologies used in Business and Corporate world. You start feeling more confident and competent when communicating with your counterparts in other offices outside India.
Anagha Tone
Human Resource Assistant
MWH ResourceNet India Pvt. Ltd

The TKT Course offers an international understanding and perception of learning and teaching. The content of the course has something for both experienced and new teachers.

The one thing that makes TKT a unique course for teachers is that it is learner centered and brings out the real essence of being a teacher. Not only academics but also beliefs, values and pastoral care which are quintessential to being a teacher are reinforced all over again. I am taking back a treasure trove of learning from the TKT Course.
Project & Publication Coordinator
NSS Hill Spring International School, Mumbai
Ruby Calcuttawala

Trainer Testimonials

As a trainer for the BEC Exams, I have noticed the marked improvements in the successful BEC candidates.

They are able to follow implied meanings while reading or listening to messages in English. Also, they can respond suitably, whether through written forms or orally.

BEC candidates use appropriate vocabulary and a variety of syntactic forms during their communication in English. Most important, they use English confidently at work, both in their workplace and during travel or business related socialising.

In short, BEC training enables better internal and external communication!
Sulabha Sidhaye
BEC Trainer, Pune, India

I have the privilege to be associated with Cambridge Assessment English, as a trainer and co-ordinator for BEC exams, in Sangli, Maharashtra since the last 3 years. BEC has successfully filled a void of polishing much needed communication skills students need, to bridge the gap when taking the step from a college into the corporate world and in converting theory into practice. Training students for BEC is an interesting process as the course content involves instruction to be conveyed in innovative ways. Students can relate to the BEC Program as it is practical and relevant and equips them with all the essential skills for the corporate world of today.
Ms Nina Patil
BEC Trainer
V P Institute of Management

As an English language trainer, the Cambridge Business English Certificate (Preliminary) is the examination of first choice that I recommend to students, who want to study for a Business English qualification. This is because the Certificate is recognized globally, has high value at the workplace, comes with life-time validity and is affordable.

The Cambridge Business English course that leads up to the certification is a vibrant program that enables adult learners to gain a skill base/become proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Business English at 3 levels of instruction - Preliminary, Vantage & Higher. The program is learner-centric and meets business communication needs comprehensively.

As a trainer, I have used the Cambridge BEC (Preliminary) program extensively and seen it transform lives of participants within educational institutions and at the workplace. I consider the Cambridge BEC program to be an essential life-skill instruction and the Certificate to be a pre-requisite for the workplace today.
Amita Mansingh Jadhav

NSS Hillspring is affiliated to the IB curriculum which endorses that all subject teachers are language teachers. Therefore, teachers of our school were introduced to the TKT course. While primary teachers decided to opt for the first three modules to hone their language skills; secondary teachers opted for TKT CLIL which delineates the role of language across the curriculum including maths and science. The teacher support workshops organized by Cambridge International/Cambridge English staff were particularly useful, it helped the teachers who have become learners after a long gap gain confidence and develop professionally.
Mandira Dasgupta
English Coordinator
NSS Hillspring International School

"Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about."

Due to the vocabulary list children learn a variety of words and are able to comprehend and express it more effectively . With students coming from a background with not much of exposure to English, Cambridge Young Learners has effectively contributed as an aid for Students in learning a foreign language. They have gained confidence in expressing themselves in simple and accurate language. Aiming for perfection Grammar is easily been taught through the variety of activities introduced at the different levels. Introduction of Cambridge Young Learners English has merely changed the traditional way of teaching and learning a language, it has become more interesting. The pictorial reading eradicates the L1 (mother tongue) interference and discourages translation method. The assessment method is also very encouraging for the students. It helps the teacher to assess in which skill (reading, writing, speaking and listening) the class requires more attention. Time to time training conducted for the teachers helps them to gain more mastery over the subject.

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world" All in all Cambridge Young Learners English has given a wider prospect to learn English for all age groups.
Savita Travis
YLE Trainer and Coordinator
Pratibha International School