General English teaching resources

General English teaching resources

We have resources to help you teach English, whatever your context. Use these resources in your classroom, or pass them on to your students for them to use at home.

If you are preparing students for Cambridge English Qualifications, we have dedicated resources that you can use.

Learning English

Learning English has a whole range of fun, free activities to try with your students. You can use the activities as part of a lesson in the classroom, or give them to students to practise with at home. Each activity takes a few minutes to complete – just choose the level and the skill that you want to practise.


Connect with schools around the globe and exchange cards and letters in English. You will be joining an international community, and your students will get the chance to communicate with other learners of English from all over the world.

Write & Improve

Use Write & Improve to get feedback on writing in seconds. Your students can use the tool to practise their writing, and you can use Class View to set tasks for your students, receive their work already marked, and add your feedback and grade.

Resources from Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press produce a range of materials to help you teach English in the classroom. Alongside the official preparation materials for Cambridge English Qualifications, they produce a number of resources to help your general English teaching.

Webinars for teachers

Cambridge English webinars are a great way for teachers to get free online professional development. Each webinar is presented by Cambridge English experts, who provide you with valuable information about our exams as well as tips and ideas to use inside and outside the classroom.

Facebook for teachers

You can connect with a lively community of teachers on our dedicated Facebook page. We regularly post teaching tips, answer your questions, and host regular Live events to give you a chance to engage with the community.

Cambridge English on YouTube

Our YouTube channel features teaching tips, example speaking tests, 360 videos, and recordings of our webinars and Facebook Live events. Subscribe to get updates when we post new videos.

The Digital Teacher product reviews

There are many digital tools available for teachers, but sometimes it’s difficult to know which will work for you. We have reviews of a range of digital products on The Digital Teacher to allow you to find the right tools for you and your students.