How to register

There are three easy steps to registering for your Cambridge English Exam.

  1. Find an exam centre – offered by more than 2,800 centres in 130 countries.

    Use our online search and find a centre near you.

  2. Contact your exam centre. They will tell you how to register for your exam, how much it will cost and about preparation courses in your area.
  3. Choose when and how you take your exam.
    • Exam dates are available throughout the year
    • Many exams let you choose whether you take your exam on a computer or on paper.

Not sure which exam to take?

Not sure what level of exam is right for you? Take our free 25-question multiple-choice test to help you decide which Cambridge English exam is best for you.

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Contact your centreyour local centre will be able to give you advice on which exam is best for you, and how to prepare for it.